Mummy Edwards

Mummy Edwards

Cancer update #6

As these things go I ended up in hospital without a laptop and a very temperamental phone, so apologies for the slight delay and for not updating friends quicker. I have been so overwhelmed by how many of you have taken time to message and send love our way, I am truly blessed. 

Surgery went well yesterday, so well that I've been able to come home! I'm going to be on strict bed rest for a little while but it will be good to be in my own bed tonight.

I'll explain what exactly they did during surgery, so if you don't like minor medical gore then skip this bit! Surgery went pretty much as expected. They were able to remove all of the damaged tissue and a good amount of margin around it. In order to do this, however, they had to remove the main tendon attached to my big toe and move across a smaller one from my second toe. Thankfully they were able to this without having to bolt anything in place or put in any wires. In order to patch up the gap, the incision was extended across my foot and the skin moved across, they then performed a small skin graft from my thigh onto the new gap from the transferred skin. The reason for doing this over a straight skin graft, is that I'm likely to have radiotherapy on the area soon and grafts tend to not like radiotherapy - it has a habit of breaking down the grafted skin. Therefore they have tried to keep the graft away from where the cancer was as much as possible. The surgeon thought that the graft looked to have taken well but he was not as certain about the skin moved across my foot and suspects that some of it might not survive the healing possess. Please pray that if this is the case, it would only be a small amount so that we can avoid more extensive surgery to fix it. 

Everything will now be sent to the pathologist and from that a plan will be drawn up for radiotherapy or any other surgery. I don't expect to have very many updates over the next couple of weeks, just lots of reading and watching Netflix, with the occasional trip up to Aberdeen to dress and change bandages. There will also be lots of cuddles with my boys who managed marvelously without me - such a huge answer to prayer.

Much love!