Mummy Edwards

Mummy Edwards

Cancer update #7

This afternoon we are back home after one of our weekly round trips to Aberdeen. I haven't posted over the last couple of weeks since there has been very little going on except a mighty amount of 'The Good Wife' on Netflix. Excitingly however, it looks like my time on a sofa may be coming to an end with only another week left in a cast! This also means only a week more of nightly injections, for which Nathan will be especially thankful.

God has been so kind to us over the last few weeks, our church has supported us with meals and the amazing Sarah has been with us almost daily to help care for the boys while Nathan works. This last week, in particular, there has been much to give thanks for with Teddy. After struggling with the constant changes of faces and me not being on my feet, he has been far less stressed, happier and sleeping better this week. He still likes to cuddle his Daddy (exceedingly sweet) but has been sleeping much longer and settling far quicker than previously. Please pray this continues over the next couple of weeks as family visit and Nathan takes some time off work - Teddy finds changes tough.

Now to today's medical stuff! After seeing great healing and progress at the previous couple of check ups, today was a little bit disappointing. The skin, particularly around the non-graft side is struggling. Everything appears to be superficial and nothing looks infected, but there was lots of weeping and the top layer of skin has come away completely. Because of this, they've decided to change up the way they have been dressing the wound. Up until now my foot has been heavily compressed using what is essentially a vacuum pack but has now been swapped for more traditional bandages and cast, with the addition of an iodine dressing with the hope to dry it out a little. They will be changed in a couple of days and hopefully by next week we won't have lost any more skin. This also means no more tubes and vibrating legs, always a bonus. I was surprised to see that my calf muscle has almost entirely disappeared, apparently this is very normal and it won't take too long to build up again but currently leaves me with a significant visible difference in my legs and some extra squishy skin. 

In addition to having the cast removed, we hope that the pathology results will be available next week. It has taken a little longer than normal because they have to scan each layer of skin individually to ensure the cancer has been cleared in the margins in all directions. Practically it means that the process is fairly time consuming. Once we have this available it will be more possible to draw up plans for radiotherapy, which is the most likely next step. In between now and then I've been told I can start to hobble around on my crutches rather than keep my leg permanently elevated, so I hope this week will be filled full of fun - though slow - adventures and family fun. 

Much love!